Born and raised in the Mentawai Islands, Bian the founder of ALEIKOAT SURFCAMP MENTAWAI, grew up as a “friend of the sea”.

Bian or Bibiu, as he’s known in Siberut, spent his youth fishing, canoeing and living at one with his natural surroundings. His passion for surfing began when he took a job for a local surf camp on Masokut Island. He was hooked ever since. 

After several years working for various hotels and homestays, he took a chance and moved to Bali. While in Bali he improved his knowledge of teaching and guiding surf students in the water. In 2020, when the pandemic hit, Bian returned home to the Mentawai islands to help his family. After some consideration he decided to use his experience to create his own exclusive and locally run surf camp.

ALEIKOAT (Mentawaian, “Alei Koat“) means “friend of the sea”. We chose this name to respect Bian’s roots and the passion of the Mentawai culture. All our employees are like family and we hope you will feel the same!

Check out our Instagram for some local Mentawaian words to connect better with the locals.