Nestled on a small, remote island in the Northern Mentawais our surf camp is just minutes away from famous waves like Beng Bengs or Hideways. Many other surf spots are between 5 to 30 minutes distance from our surf camp by boat.

Only around 200 meters wide and 400 meters long the small island will give you the real feel of island living. No crowds around or loud people who can interrupt you. In between surf sessions you can either relax in your bungalow, chill under the umbrella in a beanbag or go for a swim in the beach upfront. But you still feel you need a little bit alone time? A five-minute walk to the other side of the island takes you to a secluded white sand beach. In the evening you can have a cold Bintang or a coconut at the beach by enjoying the beautiful sunset of Mentawai.


Mentawai Islands are famous for its perfect barrels and super clean waves. The perfect time begins in May and goes until August.

Are you still a little bit intimidated about surfing in the Mentawais? First to know, it depends on the season. The bigger swells are between May and August. The shoulder seasons, are from February to April, and September to November. It’s a good opportunity for intermediates to surf then. Even in high season surf spots like Goodtimes or Eret (great for learning barrels) offer some waves for intermediate surfers. And our surf camp is just 5-10 minutes away from these spots. And if you still want some assistance in the water. We'd love to help you.

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